Training Log –

Yesterday’s workout was short, I was really pressed for time, but I got it in!

A1 Suitcase Deadlift  – 3×10

B1 SA DB Shoulder Press – 3×10

C1 Dips – 3×10

C2 KB Deck Squat – 3×10

(Just so you know when I write these programs, A1 is the excercise, then when I put A1/A2 that means going to the next excercise with minimum rest. The majority of my programs are total body workouts, who has the time for isolation anyway?)

This workout was challenging, I banged it out in 20 minutes.

The Deck Squats I actually really liked for the flexibility, the explosive component, and the squat movement – I was hating on them at first, but they really catch up to you! The Deck Squat is actually an exercise that is used by the Russian Kettlebell Seniors to teach squat mechanics. But it is fun, and intense!

Check out the video – Deck Squat

I used a 15lb KB for the first two sets. The KB is actually projected forward through the movement to help you get up easier, so it has to be fairly light.

Stay strong,


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