We are committed to providing the best workouts for our members, creating a supportive environment, and making the gym FUN for every single member

Founder Joey Olivio has assembled an experienced personal training team here at Legacy Strength, who create and deliver amazing results to locals like you!

Joey has spent his entire life developing fun engaging workouts to help our community become fit and strong!


To be known and trusted around the New York area to deliver the most valuable and efficient solution to our clients for getting long-lasting results out of their fitness, crushing their goals, and making their lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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Joey Olivo

Nairoby Vasquez

David Bert

David Bert

Legacy Team Fitness Coach

Hometown: Lynbrook/Franklin Square

Why I love helping people:
Honestly helping people makes me feel good. Life is very challenging, and making another person’s life easier in any way is truly rewarding.

How my knowledge and passion will help you (the client reading):
I am results driven, as are the rest of the coaches. I hear client’s feedback on the exercises and what their bodies are experiencing, and cue appropriately to make sure they are getting the best workout they possibly can.

What does the Legacy Culture mean to me?
The Legacy culture is like a family. Every day is like a reunion and I feel the problems outside the door don’t exist, if even for just an hour.

Education and certifications
CIES formation en posturologie du Dr Bricot – Posture Specialist
Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques – Full Body Specialist (upper body, lower body,
trunk and spine, cervical, hand and foot)
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Be the best you can be

Nairoby Vasquez

Legacy Team Fitness Coach

Hometown: Queens NY
Why I love helping people: The reason why I love helping people is because it gives me the capability to help others with what they might not be able to do for themselves. Seeing a smile on others faces is what keeps me going in knowing they believed in me to help them.

How my knowledge and passion will help you (the client reading this): My knowledge & passion will help any client because I am a person of my word and I will hold them accountable to what they said they would do. I am not a quitter, and I do what it takes to motivate myself in reaching my goals. I put this same energy into all the clients I work with.

What does the Legacy culture mean to me?
The legacy culture to me means becoming a better version of yourself!

Education and Certifications:
Borough of Manhattan Community College, Associates Degree in criminal justice, ASFA Certificate in fitness

Be the best you can be

Joey Olivo

The Lord Chief Rocka of Legacy Strength

Hometown: Queens Village, NY
Why I love helping people: I am the ultimate hype man, I love seeing people thrive and bettering themselves. I want to have a positive impact on this world and help people succeed by improving their confidence and well being.

How my knowledge and passion will help the client: My knowledge and experience helps to meet our members where they are at and guide them to a lifestyle and training plan that they can live with. I help take all the confusing information that is out there regarding weight training and nutrition and make it easy to understand.

What does the Legacy culture mean to me?
The Legacy culture means leaving a positive impact on all who walk through the gym doors.

Education and Certifications: MBA in Business and Marketing from Hofstra University, Bachelors of Science Business Admin from Fordham University.

Cetifications – NASM-CPT, Kettlebell Concept, K3 Combat Cert, TRX Cert and many other minor certifications in corrective exercise, performance enhancement and nutrition. Joey is always attending continuing education workshops to stay at the top of his field and keep his mind sharp.

Be the best you can be