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Quick one today, I leave to Providence, Rhode Island soon to go to the Perform Better 3-Day Summit. I will be catching up with some coaches from all over the country, and I will be learning a ton more brand new, up to date information. As always, I try to keep myself on the cutting edge of things. This industry has been moving so fast and information has been changing rapidly. I promise I will bring back some brand new info for everyone! Needless to say I will be getting my education on!

Until then – I wrote this top 10 list for a radio show that wanted me to do a segment, but unfortunately I could not attend this week because of the Summit. SO, here is my first ever TOP 10 LIST!!!!

Top 10 Tips for Latinos Living Healthy


1. Better BreakfastsThis is important, most latinos consider breakfast to be only “pan y café” y nada mas! That is not breakfast – to live a healthier lifestyle, to have more energy throughout the day you need to add more nutrition to your morning. “Pan y café” will only lead you to be hungrier later and leave you dragging by the end of the day.

a. SOLUTION – Try adding a fruit to your morning meal, any fruit will do I prefer apples or oranges for breakfast. For another quick breakfast option try 1-2 hard-boiled eggs seasoned with some adobo to eat with your “pan y café” – eggs are full of great nutrition, easy to make, and will add some energy to your morning!

2. Variety – Most latino households lack variety in their diet. We typically eat the same things for dinner from day to day – rice and beans, tortillas, platanos etc. Try different grains, like quinoa, or wild rice from time to time. Try skipping the rice and beans and using roasted vegetables as a side dish instead. You will survive, nothing bad will happen to you, you will not lose your “Latino Card” if you skip the rice and beans for a meal!

3. Frutas – All Latin American countries are known for their exotic fruits. They are delicious, juicy and full of vitamins and nutrients! Take advantage of the fruits when they are available and in season – Try to eat 2-4 pieces a day and see how much better you will look and feel!

4. Batidas – These are staples in many Hispanic cultures. Batidas con leche and fresh fruits are one of the healthiest options that latinos have as a culture. Use batidas in the morning for a quick breakfast, or as a snack later in the day. They are a great way to get in a good serving of fresh fruits and are a much better option than going to the vending machine for a snack!

(Translation – a batida is a milkshake – my favorite is a cup of strawberries and some sliced mango blended with milk cinammon, honey and ice! . . . you will thank me later!!!)

5. Eat a few times a day – This is important! Most latinos have “Pan y café” por la manana and then a huge meal later on and THAT IS IT for the day! To jumpstart your weight loss, or to improve your energy levels simply eat AT LEAST 3 meals a day. Have a breakfast, lunch and a dinner. Try to have smaller meals more frequently throughout the day and your energy will drastically improve.

6. Portion control – Rice is also a staple in most latino households – so are 4 cucharadas of rice on one plate! Watch your portions, 1-2 cucharadas of anything is OK. 3-4 cucharadas is overkill and it will add a ton of excess un-needed calories. Figure each cucharada of rice adds about 120 calories per scoop!

If you want to lose weight, then watch your portions for 4 weeks. Also, try cutting down on second helpings and it will go a long way. I know the food is delicious, but try it out and see what happens!

8. EXERCISE – You know what you have to do. Stop “thinking” about getting in shape and get out there and do SOMETHING! Go for a walk, join a gym, play ball with your kids, just get yourself moving. It is important for you and your health!

9. Bebidas/Refrescos – Watch drinks that have too many calories. Water is really the ONLY drink you ever need. All of your drinks should have 0 calories, any added calories just put more on top of what you are already eating. If you are at a party then have some juice or soda, but to keep yourself healthy 90% of the time your main drink should be water.

10. ITS NOT COMPLICATED – Do not make it harder than it is. You do not need to count calories, or stop eating after 5pm. Just eat fresh fruits and vegetables more often throughout the day and with meals. Add some variety to your diet and drink a lot of water more frequently.

I can guarantee that by following these tips, you will be one fit healthy latino and you will be energetic for your family and be absolutely ready for anything!

Stay strong,


P.S. Here is the link for the radio show, definitely check it out!

Event: Radio Capicu: Living A Healthier (Latino) Lifestyle
Start Time: Saturday, June 5 at 10:00pm
End Time: Sunday, June 6 at 12:00am

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