Today's Lesson: Learn to LET GO!

Ummm  . . . could we NOT do this????

I see people holding on to the treadmill as they are doing their cardio for the ENTIRE TIME THEY ARE ON THE MACHINE! Why??? To make walking easier???

Very simply, holding on to the treadmill as you are using it for the 30-45 minutes reduces the effectiveness of it. You end up burning less calories as a result, do you really want to do that to yourself?

Also it:

  • Turns walking into “make-believe walking” and running into “fake-running”
  • Ruins posture and body alignment
  • Reduces effects of incline
  • Doesn’t build balance

Usually, the ONLY time my clients hold on is because they are recovering form an intense interval. That is OK. If you are checking your heart rate, that is OK.

BUT if you are holding on to the treadmill for a majority of the time you are on there, there WILL be a 30lb Kettlebell flung at your head from across the gym. . .

. . . I kid you not.

There are only two situations in your life when you will hold on to something when walking – they are as follows –

If you are an octo or nano-generian with the need to hold on to something for support –

OR . . .

You are food shopping – other than that  . . . LET GO!

This is one of the things that makes me want to go scoop my eyes out with a hot spoon – its just very ineffective and a sign of freakin’ weakness.

Chances are you are already weak and need to go lift some heavy things a few times. At least make your weak ass MORE EFFECTIVE and LET GO OF THE DAMN TREADMILL!

Thank you for your cooperation –

Stay strong,


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