Today's Lesson: Deadlifting Revisited

Ok – Back to the deadlift – It is not an easy move to learn, and requires months of fine tuning to get the proper technique, but boy do those dividends pay off!


She  probably warms up with your max.

Deadlifting is the number one exercise for simultaneously building muscle, burning fat,  and changing your body structure. The other day while I was picking up really heavy things in the gym, there were a few young athletes hitting their deadlifts as well. For one of them in particular, it was obvious that this was his first time –  

 Its okay, you can learn too –

So yes, he needed help with his form, there is only so much I can say while I am catching my breath between sets. So I decided to help out by putting in an excerpt from an article written by none other than Mike Robertson who is one of the most knowledgable coaches in this field today. He is able to convey the right techniques very simply – so I hope this helps!  


The Top 9 Keys to Powerful Pulling

Below are some of the specific keys to pulling heavy weights. There may be some points I’ve omitted for the sake of brevity, but following these key points can and will take your pulling power to the next level!



There you have it – 9 tips to improve your deads –

Start lifting!



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