Keeping a food journal is the single most important factor in being able to analyze what your diet consists of, and what it doesn’t. It’s nearly impossible to remember the nutritional breakdown of every meal you eat, which is why a simple food journal comes in handy. You can track what you eat so you know what works and what doesn’t. Your food journal will become your personal individualized nutrition guide forever.

No diet book could ever replace how you eat or give you what you want to eat. The food journal will give you the freedom to eat what you want while you monitor the quality and quantity of the foods you eat. Always be honest with your portions and meals, as you must have an accurate foundation to improve on! You cannot improve your meals if you don’t have an accurate place to start. Keep track of how you felt after eating your meals, and try to figure out why one meal made you feel happier or more energized than the other!

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