Project Vegas: Phase 1 – The First 4 Weeks

Sin City, a place that every American must visit at least once in their lives.

“Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night.”

CHUCK PALAHNIUK, Invisible Monsters

Dunn dunn dunnnnn!!!!!

So here I go, I have to go to Vegas for the first time ever by the end of March, should definitely be an awesome trip! Seeing as how its a bunch of my buddies, who knows how it might go!

Hopefully waking up next to a live chicken is the worst of it!

Anyhow, I have decided to document my journey to actually getting leaner and changing from the way I look today to a fully sexified machine! LOL!

Everything, training, nutrition, cardio strategy, no holds barred baby!

Here is me as of 1/13/11:


Wt – 227lbs

BF% – 19%


Wt –  200lbs

BF% –  10-12%

I am not overly concerned with definition, more just looking like I actually lift things, can kick your ass . . . (yes you!) and build a body that doesnt look like an an overly inflated stiff bodybuilder whose supplementation is legally questionable, but I want the look of dense muscularity that truly indicates a man who truly trains hard, lifts heavy and eats well!

Don't wanna be THAT guy!

(No, I dont want to be this guy!)

Training Program:

I have been doing Eric Cressey’s Show and Go Training Program, its a 6 day a week training template that has gotten me consistently stronger. Its not fat-loss specific per se, but I am a believer that the main role is really the diet, as long as you put the work into your lifting.

This program consists of a bunch of heavy lifting with a ton of mobility and flexibility. So it will get me strong, and keep me limber which is always a great combo!

I will be adding some more direct arm work in, and some Olympic lifts to kind of round everything out, and keep my explosiveness.

Again SIMPLE! This is all I will be adding – I dont believe you need 20 different bicep exercises, but a few sets of a good variation should be fine.

Power Clean – 3-4 x 3

Power Snatch – 3-4 x 3

BB Bicep Curl Variations – 4-5×10

Dips or Skull Crushers – 4-5×10


I put this in quotes because I truly believe that our current definition of what cardio is in the general fitness industry is set to change pretty soon. Picture gyms without treadmills and a bunch of TRX straps, I think cardio will be switching to more bodyweight ciruits more often real soon! Just gotta find a name???

So for this, Cressey has me working on sprints and 2 days in the week, since I am in NY and the weather has been less than optimal, I will be doing some KB circuits or using The Dirty Deck Card game  to get me through!


Simple. This month will focus on including MUCH more veggies, and also writing down what I am eating consistently. I have found that when you write down your food, your intake stays on top of your mind and you start to really think before you eat something.

Really, thats it for my nutrition strategy this month, easy isnt it?


My supplement routine is simple as well – (click on the underlined titles to see where to get them!)

1) Multivitamin – Vitamin Code Raw One – Awesome all natural multivitamin with probiotics, I have been taking it for a while and it is one of the best out there!

2) Fish Oil – I try different brands from time to time, I take 4-6g every day. The brand I am trying now is Omega Rx Factor by Dr. Michael Murray, no fishy burps and one of the most potent out there.

3) Protein – I change this from time to time also. For now it is Muscle Milk because I like the taste damn it!

4) Creatine– One of the most researched supps in history, really helps you produce more in the gym, big help!

5) Fiber – Renew Life Fibertastic – great tasting (when you mix it with juice!) and keeps you flowing regularly, fiber is super important to keep our digestive system working at optimal levels.


These are foods with special benefits to give your nutrition an extra boost –

1) Maca Root Powder – Awesome supplement, and very unique in the way it helps regulate and optimize certain hormones in our system. For men it helps naturally increase the amount of testosterone, always a good thing when lifting hard!

2) Chia Seeds – another superfood I learned about in the book “Born to Run” – High in Esential Fatty Acids, and High in Fiber and decent in protein!  Enough said!

Well thats all for today! I will keep you posted and keep working hard in the meantime, wish me luck!

Stay strong,


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