Plan Your Meals

4443d7ebf8e434e9795e3ea707b2fda3Preparing your meals in advance takes practice and skill. Step one, oven first! This means roasting chicken, fish, sweet potatoes and/or green beans. Cook as much as you can at the same time. Do not make the temperature too high. Have a meat thermometer handy to make sure everything is fully cooked. Keep raw meat and veggies on different baking sheets or containers while cooking. Step two, start up that rice cooker! Rice is a simple way to add a starchy carb to any meal. Cook a bunch for the week and it stays good until you need it. Remember to portion it out. Keep a ½ cup measuring cup handy to measure portions for your containers. Finally, microwave frozen veggies! Buy frozen veggies in bulk. Have them if fresh produce is a little more expensive without sacrificing nutrition.

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