Joeys Gym Class Presents: The Reactive Training System

This training system I personally developed and put together through years of research and experimenting. I will be running a boot camp style body transformation class starting April 22nd at Synergy Fitness in Franklin Square using my techniques.

Anyone who has worked out for me knows the level of punishment fun and enjoyment I bring to each workout – this boot camp will kick it up another notch!

The class is designed to deliver a unique workout that I am pretty sure most of you have never done before in your life! This is truly a 21st century approach to burn the fat off your body. I will make sure that this is the ONLY workout that you will need for that day.

I actually take this on as a challenge. I know I can get one person in shape pretty quickly. Now the question is can I get 8-10 people up to that same level? I am looking for warriors, age and sex are not a limitng factor. I need mental toughness, physical aggression and heart.

I will bring my expertise and knowledge, you bring me the motivation and we are going to town, we won’t stop until the changes are made!

Unique features of the boot camp will include:

· Kettlebells – a blast form the past, learn how to use this unique tool to melt the fat right off your body! There are hundreds of different exercises and dynamic movements that are possible with this tool – we will use as many as possible to reach your goals!

· TRX Suspension Training – Developed by a Navy SEAL, this piece of equipment was invented to bring fitness anywhere. It is a new category of exercise that leverages ones own bodyweight and gravity to develop strength, balance, and flexibility simultaneously. The TRX was recently voted “Best Total Body Training Tool” by Men’s Health magazine!

I      Imagine the damage exciting exercises I could do with this! Check out the TRX Trailer Video here!

Now this is going to rock!

· Tons of bodyweight variations that I can deliver to hit your body from every possible angle so you can preserve lean muscle mass and burn fat!

I will only be holding 2 classes 2 times a week Tuesday and Thursday – One AM session at 9 am, and one PM session at around 6:30pm.

I will be posting some more details on the equipment we will use and the class format as time gets nearer.

Space is LIMITED!

Please leave me comments if you have any questions.

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