Fall Program 2011: My Name is Jacked

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally done! I have completed the NEW FALL PROGRAM for all my people out there looking to train hard and build a body that shows your hard work. Im tired of seeing people trian for HOURS and looking the exact same day in and day out. They just need an effective program that makes sense, and keeps them interested enough to stick to for the duration of the plan.

On my quest for BIGGER and MORE BADASS I have developed such a program when done with the proper intensity will take you from zero to superhero! Muscles will pop out like never before and girls will finally want to hang out with you!

Its all about balance, strength, flexibility, and intensity . . . BRING IT!


So you spend a lot of time in the gym, a certified gym rat. You have tried all kinds of machines and bodybuilding programs and have seen some changes. I’ll even be willing to bet you educated yourself a bit more and actually started doing better programs written by better coaches, you have stepped outside of the “Bodybuilding” box and more into a performance/strength training box.  You even have some knowledge to piece together a little program if you had to.

But its still not enough.

“My Name is Jacked” a cutting edge program system that is uniquely broken up into different cycles with a specific goal. By the final phase you are giving it your ALL and putting everything you have earned together, power, strength, conditioning, determination. This is my most cutting edge program up to date that includes some concepts that are rarely seen unless you live in my world.

Get your mind right, get your body right, tell everyone what your name is.


“Jacked is a name you earn, not a name you are born with.”

Cycle 1- Strength and Size – 6- weeks

In this cycle we are looking to maximize your muscular capacity and build stronger harder denser muscles that are functional enough to lift heavy, and look good enough to make ladies sweat.

Cycle 2 – Density – 6-weeks

In this cycle we are looking to create a fat loss effect with minimal loss to the muscle you have worked hard to build. It is possible to create this effect, just follow the rules!  This cycle uses a unique density training format that throws all the traditional rules out the window, it is truly training for the 21st Century – GET ON IT NOW !

Lets get this started!  Catch me at Synergy  Fitness Franklin Square, or contact me to find out more info!

[email protected]

Stay strong,


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