Today's Lesson: What look do you want LADIES??? – Olive Oyl vs. Wonder Woman

I had a conversation the other day, you can’t make this stuff up, I swear! A female member comes up to me and says “Joey, I want to be skinny. You know not ‘skinny’ skinny, but skinny skinny.”  –

Coach Joey:  “WTF are you talking about?”

Member:  “You know I DONT want to be bulky but I want to be skinny . . . ”

Coach Joey: “Let me see if I can clear this up – Do you want to look like Olive Oyl or Wonder Woman?”



Member:  “Ummm . . . I dont get it.”

Coach Joey: “Look again . . . ”



The media says Olive Oyl, and that most women should have that “weak” look.  We are led to believe that somehow “weak” is feminine! This could not be further fromt he truth. Most ladies know they ARE Wonder Woman and this is the look they want but are afraid to achieve because of media hype.

There is so much information and misinformation out there in the fitness industry that women do not know where to turn or who to believe anymore! I mean it is okay to feel lost in the jumble and contradictions put forth by Self Magazine vs. the latest edition of People and whatever the hell Dr. Oz says.

It is ok to be confused. You just have to realize what type of body you want and put aside the bullshit information and stick to real advice from real people who you can actually talk to you about what is right for you. Whether Dr. Oz is right or wrong doesnt really matter, what matters is is it the right information for you? Is it what you really need to be concerned about to change your look?

Women always get the short end of the stick and are fed tons of lies that they share with their friends and they all SWEAR they are right! At the end of the day, don’t take advice from someone who has never looked the part, or has never been on their way to looking the part. Im just saying, dont tell me Fat Rhonda from accounting is telling you that Special K is ok, she has been eating three bowls a day and feels great! So you also must agree with her because fat Rhonda is obviously the epitome of health and wellness. I mean, who cares about the “always empty by the end of the day” M&M bowl on her desk?

She just found another pack of M&M's stashed in her drawer! OH YEAH!

Well here is the deal with this rant – WHAT LOOK DO YOU REALLY WANT? All the magazines have tainted the hell out of the word “SKINNY” where now every woman wants to be “skinny” and “thin” (AKA “frail” and “weak”), why? Honestly, do you REALLY think its a good look? Or is it because Ok! says so?  Take a look below –

Nicole Ritchie or Halle Berry?

Tori Spelling or Gabrielle Reese?

Which look would you choose?   The (truly) healthier athletic look of a girl who can kick some ass if she had to? Or the frail look of a girl who looks like she could slip and fall into a NYC subway grate?

Personally I dont train clients for “skinny” or “thin”, slim and slender is ok, sleek and sexy even better,  you want that “skinny”  look,  go somewhere else. I train women who want to look like they workout and who want to put the work into themselves to develop the curves in the right places that MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE A WOMAN!  I train my women pretty close to how I train my guys, I just curse at them less. But at the end of it all, when they see their shape start to change and their body fat melting and creating a new figure, then they believe!

So take your pick –  Skinny or Athletic?   Bag of Bones or Lean Muscle?   Would you rather display your ribcage or the shapely curves of the sexy shoulders and hips you worked hard to build up? I believe the choice is clear, if its not, then don’t listen to me –  go read Tracy Anderson and follow Gwenyth Paltrows diet.

In the meantime check out some of these photos of women with shape who train hard, not that you have to look like these women, but getting yourself moving in that direction will go a long way for you A LOT quicker than anything else! How do they train? Lift heavy, and eat well.

Fuck fitness, train hard.   =)

Stay Strong,


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