Hybridized Gym Approach

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Hey all, hope all is well.
Currently, we can not directly open as normal times would allow. With that said, our gym is almost ready for a hybridized approach meaning physical meetups outdoors at various locations for workouts and digital/virtual workout sessions. We understand that people are doing OK training from home, but at the same time definitely want to smash some weights and get back after it.

We are working on a new model for our gym that includes everything we need to be ready for in the future.
In accordance with CDC guidelines, our new gym hybridized model includes:
Train in a Virtual Class OR a very Semi-Private live session OR a combination of the two. I understand you might not want to come back full force just yet so the virtual option will stand.

Our live sessions will be limited to 2 people per session for the first month or so. This means slots will be limited.

Sessions will be roughly 40-45 minutes to allow enough time for cleaning and disinfecting. Shorter on time means a little heavier on the intensity.

A portion of the session will be outdoors.

As time continues, we will always keep you updated.

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