Over the years I’ve heard so many horror stories about regular gyms from so many different people. There is definitely a need for them, but  private gyms have been providing such better training environments that give results that go through the roof!

People say “My gym sucks! It’s dirty, it’s grimey, the weights are all over the place, no one helps me!” And so on and so forth.

Personally, I have not been fully committed to a commercial gym in a long time. At Legacy Strength we are our own little world. We are an exclusive strength training gym with men and women who want to become stronger and fitter versions of themselves.


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The energy here is always high and the training programs are always challenging. We provide an environment to deliver the best possible training sessions to our members. This format allows us to provide specialized programs for men and women.

We have sessions all day long and we also run some fun challenges from time to time such as…

  • For Men – The Big Muscle Project
  • For Women – Sexy in 60 Transformation Challenge & Little Black Dress Project


We may not be the cheapest gym in town, but we are certainly the most effective.


Finally a gym that doesn’t suck.


P.S. Come by for a visit if you are in the Floral Park area and take a look at our Instagram page;  https://www.instagram.com/legacy_strength/