There is so much change in the fitness industry lately. The options are ENDLESS!

There are a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, Crossfit classes, Orange Theory, Barre Method, and so many more. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. Trust me, even I get overwhelmed!

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The biggest mistake I see is PROGRAM HOPPING! Stick to a program for at least 4 weeks minimum, give it a quality shot to see if it is right for you. Sometimes you’ll know right away. Most people bounce around too frequently to give any program a chance to take hold to see the best results.

“Muscle confusion” does not work in the long run. When was the last time you got really good at something by being confused? Think about that!

As I said before, we want to work with men and women who want to become stronger, better, and fitter versions of themselves. Here at Legacy Strength we create an effective training program that we change every 4-6 weeks. We change sets, reps, exercises, conditioning, etc. We control the product to deliver a superior outcome to your average training program.  

This gives you a chance to learn the exercises and format, which helps you get good at the exercises and see real progress. So, give yourself a chance!


P.S. Legacy Strength is here to help! Respond below if you have any questions on training or need help with online program design and we can chat.


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