Jaqueline Teta Goal: Lean Muscle Toning

I have been training with Joey on and off for over two years. Before training with Joey, I would run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, do an ab workout and leave. I always thought I was “training” hard until I started my first session with Joey. After my first session, I had sore muscles that I did not know existed! The majority of people I knew who used trainers had one purpose: to lose weight. Unlike the majority of people I knew, I had a unique case: to gain weight! My doctors would constantly tell me to gain weight because I was underweight. No matter how much I ate, I stayed the same. Most people would be envious of this “problem,” but Joey helped shape my body and make me look stronger and healthier! Since training with Joey, I have gained 10 lbs (of muscle, I hope  ) Weight training has even improved my running. I won first place in my age group for a 5k I ran back in June. My endurance has improved greatly. I learned how to incorporate new cardio aside from just running on the treadmill. Joey’s outdoor class has helped me strengthen my mind and body. Working in a group has helped motivate me when I feel like giving up after 3 rounds. It is wonderful to have Joey there to help me perfect my form with my push ups or assist me when I need him.


Joey has been a great friend and trainer!

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