Valentine Day & The Heart

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Its Valentines Day!
This post will coincide this special holiday with some info and tips on keeping our hearts healthy and its importance.
The cardiovascular system is the combination of your heart and circulatory system (blood vessels). But you knew that already right?
On-wards to more interesting and practical information, the heart is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood to the muscles and organs and cells of your body. The blood delivers oxygen and nutrients for utilization and to help the cells work at optimal capacity.

These components have very unique properties that can be trained in much the same way we train our muscles. You can actually improve the efficiency of the system and delivering nutrients to the muscle tissues and cells through cardio specific training. Done the right way will actually help build up more capillaries (little blood vessels) to help get blood flow to more cells. Pretty cool huh?

The cardiovascular system in essence is the “heart” of it all in terms of keeping nutrient, oxygen, and blood flow all working optimally. Training and improving the cardiovascular system literately makes the system grow stronger and “larger.”

Tips for heart health:
1) Healthy fats from nuts, olives, and fish. Think unsaturated fats
2) Stress Management
3) Eat Clean. Simple right? Well specifically try and always look on the ingredients labels within foods and know what you are putting in your body. Avoid added sugars, salt, flavorings, or any artificial additives that definitely should not be there.
4) Cardio Training. Obvious right? Again, specifically training with steady state activities that is like jogging or even power walking helps the cardiovascular system to adapt and grow. Intense activities also have been scientifically shown to induce cardio like effects. Overall both modalities from low state to high intensity workouts both are vital in overall cardiovascular fitness.
5) SALT. Feels like we are repeating ourselves but sodium intake is a serious problem especially in the standard American diet. Look out for high sodium foods. Many foods you would think that should not have alot of salt might just have them! Be aware.

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