Training Log ~ Fat Loss Transition

30 Minutes to work – Transitioning into Fat Loss Training –

Warm up

Jump Rope

Shoulder Dislocates

KB Arm Bar – 3×3

Turkish Get ups  – 2×2 ea. side

Workout – For fat Loss – Keep rest periods SHORT!

A1 BB Clean and Press – 4×8

A2 Lat Pulldowns – 4×10 (My shoulder is still mad at me from Rugby days, so I have to lay low on the pull ups from time to time!)

B1 Seated Rows – 3×12

B2 OH Bulgarian Split Squats – 3×8 ea. leg

C1 BB Incline Chest Press – 4x 10,8,6,4,2

The Kettlebell Arm Bar is a great flexibility drill to open up the shoulders and to teach them a thing or two about being strong and stable.

THe OH Bulgarian Split Squats are challenging as well, whenever you hold anything overhead, your concentration on the lift goes up tenfold!

To set up – I prefer to use a dumbell, hold it overhead of the standing leg, while the opposite leg is placed on the bench. Find your balance and then drop into the split squat. Remember to fully focus when performing this lift.

Stay Strong,


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