Training Log – (Back in the Groove!)

Yes – I am writing 2 training logs in one week! I rock and deserve a star!

Okay – today’s workout was just like the last, short and sweet, my current goal is to increase some strength before I go into a fat burning frenzy starting next week –

Today’s Workout -Full Body

A1 Hang Clean – 5×5 (Max at 165lbs – this is a personal best, YAY ME!)

B1 Bench Press – 4×8 (Max at 195lbs)

C1 Front Squat – 4×12,10,10,8  (I really wanted to go for some reps here, so I did as many reps as possible at the end with 135lbs – I made 12)

D1 Pullups  4×6

D2 Dips 4×6 <— This last superset I went very slow on the negative and focused on form.

This was a great total body that hit everything! Simple and effective – nothing fancy just good old fashioned hard work!

The hang clean is highly underutilized. More people should get into doing them – they are a great lift to perform for total body development, coordination, and power. One other thing the clean also trains is mental toughness and concentration. You really have to be into it mentally in order to put up anything over 135lbs. The sense of accomplishment once you get the weight up is really something else! Check these guys out –

300lb Power Clean

330lb Power Clean

From the ground up baby!

Power cleans and their variations will build lean muscle on you real fast.

For the guys and athletes I work with we are doing these REGULARLY!

For the women I work with,most are looking to shape up, this lift will get you there real fast, then as long as you keep the volume low, you will stay toned and shaped.

Yes it is a high technique lift, so please ask questions if you need help performing them right!

FYI – Arnold Schwarzeneggar himself started as an Olympic lifter himself, he wasn’t very good at it and took up bodybuilding instead – TRUE STORY!

Stay strong,


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