Today's Lesson: Virtually Reality – Nintendinitis

The Nintendo Wii Has been out for quite some time now. I love it as a step to getting people to do something other than extreme couch sitting. BUT, now that it has been a few years, there are actually orthopedic issues that have been arising from using the game system according to a recent New York Times Article – check it out here – More Wii Warriors Are Getting Hurt

Now this is unbelieveable! I always say how the more time passes in the fitness industry, the more old school it becomes. To get in shape (yes this is for both men AND women) you pretty much have to pick up heavy things plenty of times, and work with your bodyweight in short bursts – its that simple! Now people who have been sitting on the couch and decide to pick up a Wii are getting injured  . . . through OVERUSE!

The article states:

Consumers who avoided sedentary video-game systems have flocked to the Wii, which lures users off the couch with a handheld, wireless remote and a selection of familiar, free-swinging games like tennis, boxing and bowling. For some parents, and even grandparents, the games are a way to connect with children on their own turf. The fact that everyone gets a little exercise along the way is an added plus.

“It’s great in the concept that it gets people active and involved,” said Dr. Brian Halpern, a sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. “It’s not great in that you get lost in that and are overloading areas that you haven’t worked out in a long time, if ever.”

Dr. Levine said the youngest patient he had treated was 12. Dr. Young, who overworked his core muscles using the Wii Fit, is 32. Dr. Sperling’s patients have included a 22-year-old whose arm swelled to twice its size after a marathon Wii session, and a man in his 60s.

WHATTT??!!!! A 22 year old “overworked his core muscles” playing the Wii???!!! Come on now!!!

You get the idea, if u want to play ball with your friends or your kids, GO OUTSIDE! What is so hard about that?

. . . Well . . . unless she’s playing too –

. . . Then its okay!

Stay strong, Lift Heavy, Go out and enjoy the sunshine New York!

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