Today's Lesson: This is NY!

Just recently I got back from the 2009 ECA/OBOW Fitness Conference, and let me tell you, it was a ton of new information taught by a number of phenomenal presenters. JC Santana of course blew the class away with “Modern Concepts in Core Training” – he always presents with great energy! Also, I had the pleasure of seeing Alwyn Cosgrove present for the first time, his information on programming and fat-loss was totally on point, and he kept the crowd laughing the entire time! Finally, Dr. Chris and Kara Mohr were another highlight of the presenters, their practical approach to nutrition really makes it simple for anyone to understand.

During one of these seminars, the concept of the importance of meal planning came up, and how you have to plan to be successful. All of  asudden from somewhere in the back of the room I heard someone shout, “YO, this is NY! There aint no time to plan anything!” – and I agree. I mean NY is the city that invented the term hustle and bustle, you have to get from point A to point B as fast as possible! We rush and rush – and then end up stuck on the Lexington Ave platform having to wait for the next train because they are all too crowded- and we dont have a snack to keep us from getting irritated at the mob of people around us!

When it comes to eating right, this is typically one of the main barriers, especially in NY, to someone reaching their goals, they are “too busy” to prepare anything. Honestly, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to reach any kind of physique goal if they rely solely on convenience. I have never seen that done before, planning is a necessary part of any successful program, and a little planning goes a long way!

If it is one thing New Yorkers are good at, its getting things done . . . in a hurry – so here are a few simple snack ideas that can be packaged easily, it will take some planning to actually find the time to buy and bag these items up, but that would only take you like 5-10 mins top, do it on a weekend, and get it done!

Baby Carrots are a healthy snack that travel well, bag a couple of handfuls of these in ziplocks, and a get a few small containers of hummus. Store them in the fridge, and you have a serving of vegetables taken care of, and a perfect snack to grab and go!  

Purchase several packages of different kinds of raw nuts – almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, pecans, cashews – and mix them up in a few ziploc bags and there you have snack #2!

Told you it was easy – its not complicated to eat right, it just takes a bit of thought.

This is NY – start planning ahead, grab your snacks, and dont slip on the ice as you run to catch your bus!


Stay strong,



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