Todays Lesson: The Nutritional Foundation

Every house must be built on a solid foundation in order to stand strong. Any edifice will crumble in a short time if it is built on a weak foundation. Which house will stand stronger, one built on a rock, or one built on the sand?

Building the body you want is a process, and is very similar to building a house in that your principles, or your base must be solid. Many people fail at their nutrition plans because they lack the fundamentals to a solid program.

Any nutrition program should start with the following five fundamentals:
1. Eat Breakfast!
It truly is the most important meal, and it will set you up with energy for the rest of your day.

2. Drink Water!
The human body is designed to drink only water, natural fruit juices are fine, but the majority of your fluid intake should be water. It is a pure drink with 0 calories that your body needs to function optimally.

3. Get in healthy snacks between meals!
Snacking will keep your mind focused between meals. A great example is eating an apple an hour or so before going out to a restaurant, Then you will stay away from the consuming the whole left side of the menu.

4.Eat Real whole foods!
The majority of your diet should not be coming out of a box or a package. Your foods should be all natural real wholesome foods with no additives. Keep it real, keep it healthy and you will be on your way to a helathy body.

5. Plan your meals!
Think of your day in advance, think about what snacks to bring with you, think about what you should order. The more planning you do, the more likely you will stay on track!

Any nutrition program should start with these 5 fundamental rules. Once these rules become a habit, then you will be ready to tweak your diet further to reach your goals!

Stay Strong,


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