Today's Lesson: Sex – GET SOME!

I know the title caught your eye! Sex is great, it is one of our few biological reasons for being on this planet.I mean animals do it right out in the open!

When we talk about sex, and all those great feelings, what you are really sensing are all those good feeling hormones going crazy inside your body. Much of the time, our current lifestyles do not support proper hormone function, this is usually due to WAY too much stress. For many of us, our hormones are generally out of wack for most of the day. This results in moodiness, fatigue, low-sex drive, etc. Lets fix that. Wouldn’t you agree that once you can optimize your sex drive, you can optimize your life? I mean that our sex hormones, estrogen for women, and testosterone for men are what make us who we are at a very primal level. If those hormones are not functioning at their highest level, our quality of life suffers.

MACA ROOTS – plenty of studies have been done on this root that grows out in the Andes of Peru. It is currently being studied for use in hormone replacement therapy in many holistic clinics. I have asked many Peruvians I know about the plant, and for them it is a plant that is very well known throughout the country, and is taken by just about everyone from the grandparents and on.

Peruvian maca root is the greatest of herbs ever used for increasing sex drive, overcoming lethargy and impotence, and increasing vital energy which is the basis of a normal and happy sex life. Peruvian maca root is a strong and reliable aphrodisiac, and although Peruvian maca root can be used as a natural and safe effective alternative for Viagra (TM) it does so much more than Viagra (TM) does that it should not be considered as just an herbal substitute for Viagra. (TM) Peruvian maca root improves fertility, increases sperm count, stimulates and strengthens libido, increases energy, vitality, and stamina, intensifies sexual urges and appetites, and it works equally well for both men and women. Peruvian maca root corrects hormonal imbalances and instills a wonderful sense of euphoric satisfaction from it’s use as well. Peruvian maca root is also used by serious athletes and weight lifters as a natural and legal replacement for anabolic steroids. Also called maca herb, maka root, peruvian ginseng, maca maca, and maka maka, no matter what you call it, macaroot (Peruvian maca root powder) is a mind blowing, magical, and ancient remedy for many, many, people all around the world, old and young, healthy and sick, male and female, and it truly works wonders. Peru is the “roots” and home of this sacred and powerful root vegetable that is making news these days because of it’s successful improvement of many people’s lives, and this is making Peru a well known and popular country now to a lot of people because of it!

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