Today's Lesson: Pop Tarts Suck!

When did this become part of a complete breakfast? Can somebody tell me? I mean I would much rather have some bacon and eggs than reach into a box and pull out a rectangle shaped “tart” wrapped in space foil. Then you must heat up the gooey sugary mess until it turns to lava on the inside yet somehow remains a deceivingly cooler temperature on the outside – that is the infamous pop-tart.

This is a product that was created and driven by very clever marketing. Kellogg’s was actually able to create an eating occasion that never existed before – on the bus, on the way to school! So now we are here being told that this is the time to eat pop-tarts, and what happens? Kids start equating this with being an actual breakfast! Then it takes them to grow well into adulthood before they realize that one of the main reasons they cannot get their body fat levels down is because of this weak ass excuse for a breakfast.

I always wondered if kids ever grew out of that cereal habit. I mean younger adolescents are more susceptible to marketing than adults are, right? Full grown adults are way smarter than that . . . right? I used to believe that, until this product came out –

This isn't the same as a pop-tart . . . right???

Special K bars aren’t the same thing? Right??? Believe me, these are NOT breakfast items, think old school, your great grandparents would never ever categorize any of these items as food, let alone an actual meal! All I am saying is think a bit more about what you are fueling your body with. In a pinch for a snack these items are OK, but still not the best choices. Just don’t make these foods a regular habit.

All I am saying is – DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

Now there is a pop-tart!

Stay strong and eat better,


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