Today's Lesson: Im Home, No Gym, NOW what?! – Part I

***Warning – This Post Contains Some Hate***

Before I begin – this post is a little lengthy so – should you skim this, this is what you will find –

  1. Funny story about my cousin
  2. I spew some hate on Tracy Anderson, and why.
  3. The Get It Together Project – a workout program to start getting in shape from home!

. . . so without further adieu –

This post was motivated by my lovely cousin who doesn’t belong to a gym, and is better served by working out at home. Which is fine, but she needs some guidance as to what to do from the house! She jumps rope regularly, which is GREAT!

**FYI – Jumping Rope for fifteen minutes burns more calories than running for 30 minutes!**

She decided to “believe the hype” and attempt a workout by none other than Tracy Anderson. In case you have been living under a rock, Tracy Anderson has been touting her methods for training both Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow as new methods that are intended to build the fantastic bodies that these actresses possess. (In all reality, both Madonna and Gwenneth Paltrow had great bodies to start with!)

Tracy says women shouldn’t lift more than 3lb weights – really?

Tracy says women should do 100s of reps of exericses to hit “deep muscles” – Really?

Most women are confused enough as it is! . . . Why Tracy . . . why?

Below are a couple of quotes from professionals in the industry regarding Tracy Andersons methods –

“There’s a certain celebrity trainer (Spoiler Alert: Tracy Anderson) who in her evil scheme to populate this world with an army of Skeletor look-a-likes, thinks that no woman should ever lift a weight over three lbs.

If you don’t believe me, click the link below for the full story which includes a video clip of said atrocity.

Tracy Anderson Is the Exercise Genius of Our Time

I love how Gwyneth Paltrow (whom Tracy trains) mentions in the story that “I work freakin hard.” Hard in this sense means training in an 80 degree room using AIR as resistance. No, I am not kidding. I can only imagine how brutal the workout gets once Tracy busts out the paperclips.”  – Tony Gentilcore

“In a recent article in People magazine, here are some of Anderson’s brilliant training tips for women.

When you reach your 20’s:

According to Anderson your hips and thighs start to change and you can shape them with some truly challenging exercises. Plies for 80-100 reps and the brilliant and difficult butt pulse for another 80-100 reps. Wow, what genius. What a caloric burn this must be causing.

This “trainer” is a bullshit scam artist. She has absolutely no understanding of human anatomy, physiology or biomechanics. She is not making people healthier. Her clients get thin because she puts them on sub 1,000 calorie diets. This is not a recipe for glowing health. It really pisses me off how shit like this is perpetually recommended to women who actually need real help.”

– Brian St. Pierre

Okay enough about her!

On to the workout!

I give my clients plenty of drills to perform that can be done from home. The drills I am about to illustrate are intended to –

  • Promote better posture – (No more hunchback!)
  • Reduce aches and pains through enhanced mobility in your joints (AKA less ouchies!)
  • Help keep you in shape without breaking the bank –  (Thats always a plus!)
  • Keep you injury free – (This is great too!)
  • Keep you strong and ready for anything life can throw at you!

First things first, most people need more joint mobility work, straight up. Most people are out of touch with their bones and joints, and only notice them when they ache.

You can perform certain movements that help increase the integrity of your joints by helping you move them better. Better joint integrity means you can reach into the backseat of your car without having to call a chiropractor for overextending your arm!

The program outlined below is what I use to help put people back together again. Get rid of their aches and pains, and help them achieve a higher quality of life. Once these exercises are mastered, its on to some serious strength training.

The Get It Together Project –

Exercises I HIGHLY suggest:

**Mind you, all of my programs are highly individualized, but these movements will help correct the imbalances that I typically see on 90% of the people who come to see me.**

Scapular Push Up

Wall Slides

Single Leg Hip Lift

Straight Leg Hip Extension -This is a new one I got from Coach Nick Tumminello – Excellent excellent exercise for working your backside. If you cannot elevate your leg off the floor (which most people cannot do) Then simply touch the toes and knee of the straightened leg to the ground and raise JUST the knee.

Bird dogs

Fire Hydrants

Once these exercises are mastered and feel good, continue to do them, they will keep your body in balance, especially if you sit in front of a computer for work most of the day.

The Program –

  • Perform each exercise for 2-3 sets of 6-12 reps.

Spend anywhere from about 5-15 minutes a day with these exercises, and do them at least 3-4 days a week. You will feel a difference in your strength, movement, and posture after the first week.

You can do them in the morning, or even at the gym as a warm up. Its up to you.

Let me know what happens!

Stay strong,


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