Today's Lesson: 5-Minute Fat Loss Workout

Short, sweet, to the point!

Have no time during the holidays to work out?

Try this out, I like this idea, just get up, take five minutes and do a little something to move closer towards your goal – here is today’s 5-minute workout –

Each exercise done for one minute (single leg exercises done for 30
seconds per side).

1) Prisoner Squat

2) Close-Grip Pushup

3) Bulgarian Split Squat (back foot on bed)

4) Spiderman Pushup

5) 1-leg RDL

Get to it!

Go 2-3 rounds if you have more time! I will be adding more of these from time to time. Too many people tell me they are short on time . . . really? Just get up and get moving! You have 5-minutes for anything!

I mean even figure athlete Felicia Romero** has 5-minutes to keep herself in shape –

Stay strong,


** Hope that pic makes up for that freaky clock lady!

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