The Story of the New Club Logo

Read on for the details of the brand new “Rising Legacy” logo. 

Legacy Logo MC Patch  

A tribute to the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy, this limited edition logo has quite a few meanings.

The skull represents the death of your old habits, the death of your body fat, the death of the negativity holding you down from reaching your life’s goals.

The wings represent the rising of the new you, your new legacy, the new body and mindset that you are constantly looking to improve.   

As a training gym with a strong culture and family like environment just like the motorcycle clubs of the past, the Legacy+Strength “patch” represents dedication, loyalty, teamwork, solidarity, culture, and community. It demonstrates going through tough times, being there for one another and lifting each other up. We work as a unit and train hard as a team.


This logo represents intensity, and the promise to always perform at our best effort.  


Trust that anyone wearing this logo will be an example of the Legacy+Strength Club. They train hard and eat clean. Trust that they will have a positive mental attitude and work on projecting that to others. At the same time they know how to have fun and not take life too seriously. They live well, laugh often and enjoy the ride.


This is just the beginning. Join the club. Leave your mark.     


Be on the lookout for our logo around town. We have some new apparel coming out real soon for our Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

 Stay strong,




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