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Here I am, the new home of the Joey’s Gym Class Brand Name, it has simply evolved in to something bigger and better. Joey’s Gym Class will always be the blog and will contain the same great content. For those of you who have been fans of my blog since DAY 1 I would like to give you a BIG HUGE THANK YOU for being in full support and being behind me all of these years. I cannot say thank you enough to my fabulous clients, friends, and to those of you who have pretty much become family. I want to say thank you to all my fellow trainers out there and the many acquaintances and friends I have met in the industry — THANK YOU! To all those who have helped me come this far. Thank you to Synergy Fitness in Franklin Square for being a home to me for the last 5 years going strong and allowing me to develop.


Well, this website is the new home of the blog. It has all the bells and whistles of a new age modern website, so feel free to explore around and check it out. For those of you who remember the previous blog and how basic it was then you know this definitely had to be done.  Here is what you can expect to find on this page:

~ This page will be heavily driven by social media so make sure to use the links above to share with friends and family – use facebook, twitter, pintrest or whatever the next social media tool is to use! If you find this content awesome, then spread the word!

~ Clicking the Legacy + Strength link at the top will direct you to the home page so you can explore the site.

~ It is now easy to reach me. My contact info is all over this page, so if you have anyone interested in finding out where to reach me, you can send them here.

~ I will still have the Joey’s Gym Class facebook page, and will also be using the Legacy Strength facebook page for those who are training with me.

~ All of my previous Joey’s Gym Class blog posts were saved (thank God!) You can find them on the blog page. They are all considered “previous posts”.  I did lose the pictures I used in the posts so they are all text, but you can still READ ON!

~ I will be revamping some of my older and more popular posts for all of my new readers. So they can enjoy some of my other content.

~ There will be a lot more video based intros and testimonials coming soon, I will keep you all updated!

~Stay tuned for some recipe ideas and instructional videos of exercises and motivation to keep you all going. Any other suggestions for content, do not hesitate to let me know.

breast cancer walk

As far as the name change – I thought about it A LOT. I was on the fence a long time thinking if I should change it or not. I wondered could it be a mistake? Could it be a blessing? What led me to changing the name was the fact the Joey’s Gym Class name has grown up. It has become something that has gone beyond just me myself as a local trainer. After seeing all the support I have gotten from the local community and all the people I have helped over the years I figured it was time to grow.

I changed the name to Legacy Strength because it has spanned years and generations already. I get testimonials from clients I trained years ago that read

“Hey Joey, do you remember that time you showed me how to mobilize my hip, well I have completed my first tennis tournament ever, I never thought I would be able to!”

Or “Hey Joey, remember that nutrition plan you wrote me up? Well I stuck to it and lost 20lbs, then my wife got into it and she lost 20lbs too!”

It has been inspiring to see all the changes. Furthermore I loved seeing that clients of mine have been sharing the program with their family and friends and getting great results!


It has created a Legacy of learning how to train and how to eat right and how to stay motivated. We have a culture that is full of support and about kicking each other in the ass to get it done.

I couldn’t be happier with what has transpired. I am excited for the future.


Legacy Strength, reach out to me here – it is time to start building your own . . .


Stay strong,




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