The Hurricane-Left-You-Stuck-at-Home Workout

Wow, hurricane Sandy hit us hard! A totally unexpected brute force superstorm that knocked out the east coast and humbled New York City.  Here at Joey’s Gym Class and Synergy Fitness we are working hard to help bring donations to those who need it. So please do not hesitate to contact me via my Facebook page at to find out how to help with donating. Special thanks to the awesome Synergy Fitness Clubs of Franklin Square where I work for helping out with the collections!

At times like these, it could be very frustrating and training might not be the first thing on your mind. Just know that getting in some time for yourself, going for a short run, getting in a quick workout might be all you need to clear your head. It has been a rough week for everyone, we will all get through this together, and become a stronger community because of it.


In the meantime I have a ton of clients and friends stuck at home with no power and no gas to get around town. This hurricane left whoever had power with a ton of food and had them cooking for the neighborhood. Many people are complaining about the weight gained from too much over eating while being stuck at home and calling it the dreaded “Sandy 15”!  The dedicated fitness enthusiasts have been asking me what they should be doing while still stuck at home so they do not fall behind. I wrote something up here for you all to work on –  I got you!


Day 1

1A    Jump Squat    5 x 6-10

1B    Pike Pushup    5 x AMAP

1C    Single Leg Deadlift   5 x 8ea

1D   Side Plank            5 x 20s ea


Pike Pushup

Day 2

1A      Reverse Lunge    5 x 10ea

1B       V-Sit                        5 x 30s Hold

1C       Prison Squat (2s pause at the bottom)       5 x 12

2A      Pushup       5 x AMAP

2B       Wall Slide    5 x 12




There you go!  A 2 day workout program that can be done from your very own living room, with only body weight. Get to it, and good luck!



Stay stronger,



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