The Disney Dumbbell 100 Workout

Another HOT day here in NYC – finally at the end of the summer, the real summer heat arrives! Its about time!

So, this Friday I leave for a whole week on a Disney cruise – I must admit, yes I look forward to catching up with Mickey, and Donald. My man Goofy has been hitting the gym, and he wanted to talk to me about some fitness advice –

Then you can find me chatting it up with Tinkerbell by the pool, she’s still hot –

She’s come a long way since Pinocchio!

As you know, I must leave you guys with a challenge until I return!

Here it is folks, I leave you with the Joey’s Gym Class Dumbbell 100 -One hundred total body reps of pure fat burning exercise!

The rules –

  • Choose a weight that you can comfortably shoulder press overhead for 10 reps
  • Rest 1-2 mins at the end of each set
  • Run through this workout 2-3x

What you need –

  • Pair of dumbells
  • Bench that can incline

The Workout –

10 exercises, 10 reps each . . . MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  1. Bulgarian Split Squat (10 ea. leg)
  2. Shoulder Press
  3. Step ups (onto the bench, 10 ea leg.)
  4. Chest Press
  5. Bent Over Row
  6. Lunge
  7. Single Leg Deadlift (10 Ea. leg)
  8. Shrug
  9. Incline Chest Press
  10. Squat

The only two that are not common are

Bulgarian Split Squat which looks like this – (except you wont have a pink dollhouse in the background . . . would you???)

And the Single Leg Deadlift -(Except you will be holding dumbells . . . obviously!)

*** For the Single Leg Deadlift – make sure the back toe points to the floor, and not out to the wall! Take your time on this movement, it is challenging!***

Enjoy! See you when I get back!

Stay strong,


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