"The Best Fat-Loss Program I know."

Where’s Joey???

Busy like crazy! I have been working on several projects, keeping myself busy and trying to manage my time here!

On an update – I have just completed a 4-week program written by Eric Cressey – I ended up Trap Bar Deadlifting 415lbs, and Completing a 300lb Bench Press – Not too shabby! Especially considering the first week where my deadlift topped off at 350, and my bench was a measly 205! (In case you were wondering -YES I rocked my Five-Finger Shoes for every workout!)

I have been running around like crazy, but promise to keep this updated at least once a week!

For this post I will leave you with one of the best quotes I have heard all year regarding fitness – this is from a recent interview done with Dan John- he is a strength coach out in Utah but has an insight into human beings and their training like no other –

Yes, In this pic, Dan is dragging a sled, while holding a sandbag, in a few inches of snow, in winter, in Utah . . . and still . . . wearing a t-shirt. That, ladies and gentlemen is what I call . . . REAL DEAL!

Now, A Very Simple (Not Easy) Fat-Loss Program –

“You really want to ramp up EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption)? Do one 400 meter as fast as you can. The lactic acid you’re going to build up, and the furnace you’re going to stoke, is going to stay with you for days. You’ll cough your lungs up for hours. You work up to 1200 meters per workout and I can’t imagine your body fat ever being over 9%. It’s the best fat-loss program I know.” – Dan John

This means-

EPOC is the physiological response you want to create in order to maximize fat loss for any training session you do. (Creating EPOC is not pretty, and BRUTALLY DIFFICULT! But it WORKS!!!)

For this particular fat burning protocol he asks for –

3 x 400m (400m=1 lap around a track) – ultimate goal is to complete each quarter mile in 60 seconds. Take a good few minutes of rest before starting the next lap.

Obviously you have to work up to completing 3x400m  –

Start with one lap only for about 4 sessions, reduce your time on each run. Then add distance as the weeks go by.

Go do it, get better at it, watch the fat melt off! Then hang tight, take 2 asprin, call me in the morning!

Stay strong,


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