The 80% Full Strategy

6a00e554f403b688340133f64ecfbd970b-800wi“Eat until you are 80% full” – It is very easy to eat too many calories. To get yourself in great shape this year here is one simple tip that can make a lot of difference. Teach your body to stop eating when you are 80% full. Most of the cues that people rely on to tell them when to put the fork down are external for example, many people believe they have to “clean the plate!”. That is not true if your main goal is to lose weight. Train yourself to rely on internal cues instead. One example is being 80% full instead of eating until you feel like you’re carrying around a food baby. You will start to trust your hunger levels. You will find yourself eating appropriate amounts of food at the appropriate times. Here is how to start, cut everything you eat in half. Eat the first half guilt free, then ask yourself if you want the other half and why. If the answer is, “yes, because I’m freaking hungry,” then eat the other half guilt free. You will be surprised, this cue will have you feeling and looking significantly better in no time.

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