Spartan Race Update and Introducing the Official JGC Massage Therapist

There are a ton of events and outings I am working on for this summer for everyone, so stay up with my facebook at for the most recent updates. First up is the SPARTAN RACE the first weekend in June, been getting excited working on being reday for such an event! Working on Farmers Carries and Prowler Pushes along with Rope Climbs and Sprinting work, The Joeys Gym Class Team will surely be ready! Looking forward to it!


On another note, we have the official Joey’s Gym Class Liscenced Massage Therapist and Accupuncturist coming along to help us out with his services for the upcoming race! I have referred a ton of clients to him over the years and he has been a tremendous help to everyone, Chris is awesome at what he does and I am honored he is a part of our team!

Chris Miranda  LAc, LMT, MS is a Licensed Acupuncture and Massage therapist.  He is trained in sports massage and Neurofunctional electrical acupuncture.  These types of treatments are geared toward athletic activities.   On June 3 2012 at the Spartan Race in upstate New York, we will have Chris on the Joey’s Gym Class team performing these modalities to the competitors who are interested with no cost to you! Chris has a practice in Franklin Square and wants to help team Joey’s competitors.  He will be at the  performing:
 Sports massage “pre” and “post” events
 Ice therapy
These are just a few of the techniques that can performed, but of course he will do what is really feels is needed to get the competitor ready for action!  If any questions or comments please feel free to contact him on his website or email.



Looking forward to doing this!  Special Thanks to Chris for taking the time to help us!


Stay strong,




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