Showing up is half the battle…


How do you stay on schedule? Do you find yourself sometimes going to the gym randomly? Do you feel lost without a plan?

I know the struggle. I have a busy schedule with family duties and running my own business. It is not easy. I have been doing training over 15 years and I find it tough at times!

I thought I would share what helps me the most. Ready? Just . . . show . . . up. Then, a couple of days later, just show up again!

After a month of just showing up and working out, without a time constraint or judging myself, I feel better. Start with a 15 minute timer, set it and get moving, do whatever comes to your mind!

Before you know it 15 minutes becomes easier to schedule. Then bump it to 20 minutes. Little by little you will schedule your training better.

Remember these tips to BUILD CONSISTENCY!

Step 1 – Just show up and do your best.

Step 2 – Show up again a few days later

Step 3 – Make a set schedule after a month and stick to it for as long as possible!


Stay strong,


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