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Legacy Strength offers a super effective small group training format that blows away your typical training session to get you the best results as soon as humanly possible.



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Here are your class options –


Small Group Training  – This offers high quality small group personal training in a fun and dynamic results driven team environment.

Small Group Training  – $169 /mo

10 Class Card – $180

20 Class Card – $360


One on One Personal Training – The one on one session is the most individually personalized training program that suits your needs. Here we can go over specific needs you might have and work on technique, skill, flexibility and mobility specifically for you.  Sessions run 45 mins.

10 Sessions – $499

20 Sessions – $998


Power Pack – Group Classes and 2 One on One Sessions per month – This offer allows you to get the best of both worlds. The 2 sessions can go a long way in getting you better results. You can use the private sessions to go over in more detail anything you specifically need. You can go over refining technique on a particular exercise, or even use them as a nutritional coaching session to dial in your results even more. These sessions are specific to you.


Power Pack – $249 /mo



Here is a bit more about our classes and services –

I know people are sick & tired of bouncing from one useless bootcamp class or fitness center to another, and are ready to finally experience some serious mind-blowing results, while putting FUN back into their workouts . . .

With the Legacy Strength methods you are about to discover what may be the most effective, yet simple, fat-burning, muscle & strength building system ever developed. Even if you have tried and failed before, this program WILL get you in the best shape of your life, and build unstoppable motivation and self-confidence!

For over a decade I have worked on developing a high energy, scientifically advanced, hybrid training system that melts fat and builds lean muscle faster than anything you have ever seen.

This system is so effective that it makes it ridiculously easy to burn stubborn body-fat and build a strong, athletic physique in only three 45-minute workouts per week!


The small group atmosphere creates a unique motivational mindset not seen with your typical one-on-one session. That plus my hybrid fat melting programs and nutritional counseling will help you build a body you have always dreamed of.


Contact me to get started:

Phone: (917) 517-6616

Email: [email protected]



Legacy Strength Class Schedule 


Small Group Training: 

Strength Training Session  

Days and Times:    Monday – Friday   –   8:30am, 9:30am, 6:00pm-8:00pm

A fun, challenging and unique training session that involves using classic weight training equipment and bodyweight exercises. This will challenge you physically and mentally while building the lean muscle tone you always wanted. There is also a hardcore cardio component that will put you into superhero shape in no time!


Metabolic Circuit

Days and Times:      Saturday   –   9:30am, 10:30am

The focus for the Saturday classes is an extreme high impact class to elevate metabolic rate and strip the fat off your body


Personal Training One on One

One on one is always available, please contact me to book an appointment.


Legacy Strength Youth Strength and Conditioning (14-18yrs old)  

Tuesday/Thursday/ Friday – 4:30pm

This session is for the High School Athlete or Non-Athlete who needs more than their gym class to learn high quality technique in the weight room. This session develops confidence, strength, power and athleticism. Get off the video games and into the gym.


I challenge you to join me and have me help you get the results you have always been looking for and melt fat off your body faster than you have EVER seen!

Take your training outside the “box”!

Increase Strength!

Improve Flexibility!

Burn Body Fat!

Push Yourself and Break through Plateaus!

This is an aggressive solution to drastically change your physique.



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