Robert Moyano Strength and Muscle Building

When we talked for the first time, almost eight months ago, I had recently lost over sixty-eight pounds by monitoring my daily caloric intake, cardio training, medicine ball exercises and weight lifting.  My concern was that my body looked thin but I lacked any definition and had quite a bit of sagging skin around my mid section.  Looking back on our conversation that particular day, I remember you being so understanding as you listened to my tale of whoa, and how I wanted to firm up my body but was so confused as to how to get to that ultimate goal.  If you remember we talked a few more time in the next week or so and eventually you put together a sixteen-week program that you promised would turn my body into what I was hoping to see when I lost all of that weight.  I also recall you giving me numerous nutrition guides, warm up exercises and post workout stretches.


Well my friend you promised results and believe me that’s what you delivered with your sixteen-week program.  I can honestly tell you that the program was difficult and as I completed each four week phase, the workouts progressively got harder and harder.  However, your willingness to talk intermittingly during the course of the program is what also kept me going through those rough patches of feeling sorry for myself and wondering if it was all worth while.  Your support and the wonderful program you provided and tailored for my needs is the reason I am sending you this letter of thanks.

Now that I have completed the program I can honestly say that my body looks totally different from when we first talked.  I currently have a thirty-two inch waist and the definition of my upper body is so amazing that I constantly get compliments on how good I look.  Joe, it’s more than looking good however, I feel so much healthier because your nutrition guides have also helped me to learn how to eat better and healthier.  You were absolutely right on when you said that eating right and exercising go hand in hand.  Lastly because of you and your program I am completely off any prescribed medications for the first time in fifteen years.

In closing Joe, you have made a difference in my life in so many ways and that is something my family and I thank you for.  I turn sixty-five this month and during some medical checkups I have had doctors tell me that my body looks like it belongs to a man of thirty five.  I hope that you are as proud of what “WE” have accomplished together.  I can never say thank you enough and look forward to the new program you are putting together for me.


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