Reyna Batista Grocery Shopping Tour

To eat or not to eat? That is the question !

This past Sunday I had the great pleasure of taking a grocery shopping Tour with Joey. I learned so much. It truly brings you to reality as to how colors and appearances of food trick our eyes into thinking is good for our bodies. Even furthered I was baffled by the so many artificial ingredients all the products we consume have,  and like Joey said “If you can’t even pronounce or recognize half of the ingredients don’t buy it.” Take for example whole wheat bread which I felt it was a great healthy choice – wrong!!! Just think about how many days it last-  well that goes to show the amount of preservatives it takes to keep it that way, just read the ingredients on the side. Another thing we love, Salsa dip to eat with Tostitos Tortilla Chips – just run the other way!!! … According to Joey it’s one of the worst snacks you can eat. And my friends the list goes on and one. This tour was a truly learning experience. I strongly recommend it to any one that wants to learn to eat what’s right for their body.  Either if you are trying to lose or gain weight Joey won’t leave you out! He has advice for both groups.  I can’t wait for the next tour! Thanks Joey! : ) Top of Form

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