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Cabin Fever Is Not a Psychological Condition, But We're All Feeling It |  The Swaddle

We all have been locked in our houses for far too long. You, me, our neighbors, our community are all feeling “cabin fever.” Many of us thought that this phenomena only was associated with camping but with the current pandemic that facet has been proven wrong a dozen times over. Working out at home overall is very new with the usual tech hurdles and other issues. Confusion over effective workout advice and information especially during our current stay at home situation has been a huge issue for many of our clients but also nationwide. It was confusing before the pandemic hit, and even more so now. I am tired of seeing people fed up and confused. I do not want to see people giving up on achieving the healthier and better looking body they want simply because they cannot find the right guidance. If you feel lost and need a way to start up then this is for you, read on.
We are here to offer the best 21 Day Program to get you back in shape. Our gym has been shut down since the very beginning of the pandemic. We had to scramble to find new ways to service our clients and REBUILD ourselves as a virtual gym with different options for what lay ahead.
We have modified our 21 Day Program to include both LIVE virtual classes and outdoor workout sessions focusing on cardiovascular conditioning and overall strength. There is also a accountability feature packaged within the program to keep you not just active but aware of the progress you are making.

Package Info:
Dates: Starting August 10th
Duration: 3 Weeks
Pricing: $199
Zoom or Phone Consultation to set your goals, schedule and get you on the right track.
Unlimited Zoom Sessions, Outdoor Saturday Bootcamp, Scheduled Outdoor Gym Sessions (Limited Availability)
3 Weekly Zoom or Phone Nutrition Consultations to make sure you stay on your game for the 21 Days!
Our Legacy Lean Body Transformation and Nutrition Guide
Learn proper training techniques and strategies to get you a tight sexy body whether training from home or at any of our sessions.
Build the motivation and discipline you need to succeed right now!
Improve your upper body strength, lose the lower belly fat, shape your legs!
Rebuild your body, develop a healthier and leaner physique.
No more looking for what to do, we will guide you through the next 21 days in full.

We are going to help you rebuild!
And not just rebuild to the status quo of before, but a even better you of the future.
Again, these are challenging times but adversity breeds opportunity. Adversity enforces evolution against stagnation!

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