OMG – A 74-Year Old Bodybuilding Champion!!?!

I know I have been neglecting my blog here, people are starting to get on me for not writing! (Thanks for giving me a kick in the a$$!) Im back, there will be some more posts coming up this week

In the meantime- check this out from a recent article I came across on Yahoo –

Tsutomo Tosaka didn’t start training until he was in his 40’s and today is winning masters bodybuilding championships. His most recent win at the Japanese National Championships made international news this week. The Masters division of bodybuilding is usually for 40 and over, this guy is the Grand Master!

Grand Master
Grand Master

After watching this, don’t ever tell me you are to old to start training!

74-Year Old With Better Abs Than YOU!!!

This guy is SERIOUS! I would love to look like that at 74! I want the vitamins he’s taking!

Stay strong,


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