Oh that Kim Kardashian!

Now here is a woman with confidence in herself who is totally secure about her body, and still works at it to make it better. I mean she was blessed with a backside that makes most grown men wanna cry. She truly gets awarded the Badonkadonk of 2009 award in my book.

So, I hear Kim has released a new workout video titled “Fit into your Jeans by Friday”. Check out the trailer here – Fit into your Jeans by Friday

It seems to be a lot of aerobic work and some decent body weight exercises (I mean the fact that lunges will do something to shape a booty). But (pun intended), is it supposed to make you fit into your jeans by Friday . . . 2012??? No way will this yield results for someone who has been training for a while. For a beginner the video is fine, beginners just need to get their heart rate up, and move around a lot to get themselves started.

But ( =) . . . hehehe!) the video will only take you so far, you still need to challenge yourself with resistance to give more shape to your body, also, you just need to drop the doughnut now! Start eating right and move heavy things around and you will look fantastic!

Kim might have been blessed with some great plastic surgeons genetics, but we can definitely still make ourselves look the very best we can with some dedication.

Beach season is right around the corner!

FYI –  I just might have to get this video for some further  ummmm . . . research!

Stay strong,


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