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We have everything you need to get you in great shape. Our gym is set up with the most efficient and quality strength equipment to help you get to your goals in as little time as possible. 

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All of our trainers are highly qualified, really passionate and are ready to push you through our high energy training sessions. 

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We are a class based gym, and run on class sessions and private appointments only. We do not offer open gym hours at the moment. But we will help you with offering training programming with what to do when you train outside of Legacy Strength.

We do offer personal training and have a options for people who are just getting started!

Our space is limited, so we do not offer child care.

We help keep our members motivated and help out with nutrition tips and strategies throughout the week and in our private facebook group. We also run various challenges throughout the year to keep everyone motivated and give you more accountability and discipline. We do have nutritionists in our network to refer to if you need any specific help.

We are not a Crossfit gym. Our methods and strategies are our own program that was developed over years. There are some similar elements to Crossfit such as the weight training and conditioning components. But we differ in the layout by focusing more on technique and form and give more attention through our smaller group format, we only take up to 6 people per class.

We do not treat every session as a competition. We do have some competitive sessions during the month but not every session is all out. We want you to learn and get good practice every session, learn how to not get hurt, and get the BEST results we can!

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