Legacy Essential Fitness Equipment for 2019


If you train on your own, then you NEED this equipment in your life to create a complete workout on your own. This is some of the equipment we use here at Legacy Strength regularly with our members. Here is a short list of some essential items you might want to pick up to kick off your new year right! 


  1. PB Elite Foam Roller

Many people have achy knees and back pain. This simple tool will do wonders to reduce stiffness and help you move and feel better immediately. We use these daily in our training sessions.



2. Sliders 

Furniture sliders offer a great variety of exercises. The sliders alone will add about 30 new exercise variations to your routine. We use them regularly! Feel free to drop us a line if you need any help.   


3. Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 

This heart rate monitor is a beast and will help you keep track of your activity through their mobile app. Polar has always been at the forefront of the fitness industry and always make great products.

   4. Olympic Rings 

Ready to hit some bodyweight training? These Olympic rings will add a whole new set of exercises to your game. They versatile tools that can help improve full body strength and coordination. These are a great addition for any home gym or even to take to the gym with you.


  1. Infuser Water Bottle 

Add some flavor to your water with this cool little gift! Strawberries and mint are one of my favorite combos, but you can make up your own.


  1. Mark Bell Sling Shot Hip Circle  

Have you ever tried doing a glute workout with rubber resistance bands? Yeah, they’re great, but the Hip Circle will provide greater tension, better grip and wont roll up on your legs. Not only is it a great tool to progress and correct a squat, but it also will provide a greater challenge for any lower body workout you want to give a shot! Did i mention it comes in a variety of cool colors?


Happy shopping and here is to crushing your goals in 2019! 



P.S. Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions! Also follow us on social media @legacy_strength to see some more of how we get down!

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