Legacy Cardio Plan

A young guy named Matt the other day who asked me about cardio. He wanted to know about how much he TRULY needed to do. Over the years we have developed this effective cardio program that will get you damn good results in a lot less time.

This has generated some serious benefits for our members, and Matt was SUPER HAPPY after a couple of months of sticking to it.

This is a sample program we use with our members over here at Legacy Strength.

Legacy Cardio

  • All days will be done using a stationary bike
  • 3 sessions/week
  • 15-45 minutes each
  • Use interval timer

DAY 1 Easy Day  – 40 minute Bike Ride – Keep heart rate under 70% of Max, you should be able to carry a conversation the entire time.

DAY 2 Medium Day – 3 minutes hard pedaling/2 minutes easy pedaling for 5 rounds

DAY 3Hard Day – 1 minute hard pedaling/1 minute easy pedaling for 10 rounds.

This cardio format is a complete energy development program. Meaning:

  • You will improve your cardiovascular health and function.
  • You will burn a ton of calories
  • You will melt fat off your body
  • The variety will keep you looking forward to training!


P.S. Keep this plan consistent and track your progress over the next 4 weeks. Let me know how it goes. Also be sure to sure to check us out at our Instagram page; https://www.instagram.com/legacy_strength/


Stay strong, stay focused!



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