Know What Really Grinds My Gears? – The Slushie Workout (No . . .really!)

A headline for a blog in yesterdays NY Times Health section reads – “The Slushie Workout” –

I almost gagged on some almonds, and spewed some chunks on my screen as I read this. (I know, too much info! LOL!) As I proceeded to spray and wipe my screen down and read the article further, I found myself getting angrier as I read the authors post.

The post mentions that people who exercise in hot weather get really hot and tired easily. (Duh!)  So a new research study states that they have found a way to optimize performance in the heat.  – Here is an excerpt –

“In a new study, he reports that young male recreational athletes who drank a syrup-flavored ice slurry just before running on a treadmill in hot room could keep going for an average of 50 minutes before they had to stop. When they drank only syrup-flavored cold water, they could run for an average of 40 minutes.”

So, in other words, a certain someone took the time to actually test this theory out. . .

. . . That certain someone needs to get an elbow drop from the top ropes, old school WWF style!

I totally want the last 5 minutes of my life back for reading that article. There is enough misinformation out there, can they print something more newsworthy for their health section?

Maybe they should let people know that reading Cosmo on the treadmill wont help you lose belly fat!

Or they can mention that too much talking between sets will hinder progress! JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING WORTH READING!

Here is the link to the article, and please try not to mace yourself after reading it. –

To Beat the Heat, Drink a Slushie First

Thanks for listening to me rant!

Stay strong,


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