Know What Really Grinds my Gears? Jillian Michaels – Make her Stop!

Time for another one of these! I have not let out a rant in a while!

I try to stay away from watching the biggest loser too much. Enough has been said about the show, we know it is dramatic, and these people lose a ton of weight. We also know that the contestants get pushed really hard. I disagree with the way the show allows the trainers to demean the contestants to get more out of them. There are better ways to get people to do work, but I guess having someone screaming at them and putting them down makes for great TV.

Beyond that, I stay away from the show because every single time I see a clip of the trainers “training” the contestants I believe an angel loses its wings. . . . seriously!

With 8 hours of training a day, the contestants should definitely be on a much better well rounded program. Not only that, their technique should be FLAWLESS!!! There is no reason to have bad technique when all you are doing is working out for 8 hours a day . . . unless you have poor coaching.

I know the Jillian Michaels and the other guy (does anyone know his name?) are trying, and just doing their job, but these are trainers that viewers will hang on to their every last piece of advice, one would think that their technique should be on point . . . right?

Check out this video below – her form is not completely terrible, I mean she won’t do any damage, until she decides to come up with her own version, be prepared to wince in pain right around the 2 minute mark –

Jillian Michaels – Kettlebell Swing

Granted for most of her training she is not terrible, but for the fact that you are a trainer on national TV, you should definitely know not to do that swing through! Thats like biomechanics 101!

The worst part is that people will actually try that! Please don’t, it will cause an “ouchie”!

Stay strong,


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