Joey's Training Log –

This is the first time I am putting up one of my workouts on here. I would like to keep a log to keep myself accountable and so you guys know what Im up to in the gym. Please don’t hesitate to leave me any comments or questions you might have –

Since I pulled my trap a couple of weeks ago, I amfinally ready to begin my workouts again and get into a regular program. I have been doing some light kettlebell work at home, especially shoulder presses.

The pic is of Mike Mahler, a top strength coach who has some very effective kettlebell programs for size and strength. To give you an idea of how much of a beast he is, he regularly uses 70 to 80lb KBs in his workouts!

For the next 4-6 sessions, the program will be pretty basic before I get into anything real heavy, here is what todays workout was –

Warm up – Matrix w/ 15lb DBs

A1 DB Romanian Deadlift    3×10

B1 Single Arm Shoulder Press  3×10

C1 BB Box Front Squat  3×10

D1  Single Arm DB Chest Press  3×10

E1 Standing Cable High X-Pull  3×10

F1 Standing Palloff Press  3×10

Plain and simple, I felt great right after, and will definitely try to hit this again at least once more this week. Those single arm exercises really tax your abs harder than you might think. I didnt really feel the need to do more core work after the workout, but I added in the Palloff press to balance everything out. If you dont know what that is – check here, Palloff Press

This particular core exercise has been one of my recent favorites, people are always amazed to feel their abdominals contract that way! The key is not to rotate AT ALL!

Give it a shot!

Well that is all for today! Everyone be good this weekend!

Stay Strong ,


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