Happy Mothers Day – Live Long and Prosper!

OK, so totally geeked out this weekend and saw the new Star Trek movie, (it was awesome by the way) – I had never really been a fan of the show, but I thought the movie was great!

So, ummm . . . when do I get my Spock ears???

Now today is mothers day – so Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there, you ladies truly deserve a day like today! Earlier in the week I actually wrote up an exercise program for my mom to help her out. She has been having knee pain and has bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome, and a slight case of osteopoenia. She NEVER works out, and is always busy and on the go. She just needed something that would make her feel better.

Her program looks like this –

Perform 2-3 sets of everything

Woodchop – 15 reps

Reaching Lunge – 15 reps

Leg Drops – 10 reps

Hip Bridges – 15 reps

Birddogs – 16 reps

Broomstick Deadlift – 15 reps (Yes, I made my mom deadlift too!)

High knee step over – 10 reps each leg

Foot Alphabet – 1x each foot

Stick-ups – 12 reps

Calf Raises – 12 reps

There, short and sweet. This can be completed in 10-20 minutes. For most of my clients, this is their warm up. For mom, its her workout, its all relative.

Usually when someone has a knee issue, it is usually due to a mobility restriction in either the hip or the ankle. It is obvious that the hips are designed for mobility, just like the ankle complex, they move alot, whereas the knee only move back and forth. Any restrictions in movement of the hip or ankle will force the knee to work harder than it has to. Down the road pain will develop, it is usually cumulative and not acute.

Her hip mobility drill was the high-knee step over a low box – all I did was put a box down and she had to kick over the box a few times, and we challenged her by making it a little higher each time.

Her ankle mobility drill was the Foot Alphabet (BORE ALERT- the video is boring, but the exercise is important)

This drill is not the most glamorous, but definitely a necessity for healthy knees. I mean, we spend so much time giving the calf muscle all the love and attention, we forget about the anterior tibialis (muscle in the front of the shin) which also connects the knee and the ankle.

The foot alphabet is one of those movements that will be beneficial if you bang it out about 3 days a week. This you can do while you are watching TV, or wherever – it will go a long way to keep your knees healthy and happy.

Live long and Prosper –

Stay strong,


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