Gina Scudiero Goal: Shoulder Rehab, Fat Loss

“I feel the need to share my treasure with anyone who needs help getting into shape at any age, but in my case, especially after an injury.  My name is Gina and I am 46 years old.  I’ve been training for 27 years.  I’ve lifted heavy weights in my 20s and 30s. I’ve done aerobics, spin and kickboxing classes obsessively in these years to date.  I developed a torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder and spent 3 months in physical therapy, which if you’ve ever been to therapy, is time and cost consuming to say the least.  My problem got slightly better but not enough to train my upper body.


Then I met Coach Joey Olivo because he was nice enough to notice my posture being off because of an injury while I was at the gym.  I have been working with him only 5x in half hour sessions to date.  I cannot explain enough how amazed I am at how much better my entire shoulder and back area feel, not to mention my range on motion and strength.  I’ve already improved my posture by 90%.  I actually feel taller.  His training is not easy, but it changes your entire body.  You will notice that within 2 sessions of working with him. You become more agile, strong and you will start to look great.  His exercises are different from anything I’ve ever done and my body is taking it all in.  I have no more pain.  I’m able to train, and I’m only getting stronger.  He’s with you every second of the way guiding you through each exercise with major supervision and caution.  He knows the body and how it works inside and out.

For anyone who needs any kind of training to heal any body ailment, get stronger, look great or just feel good about themselves, Joe is your man!    What are you waiting for??  Good luck!”

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