Emergency Foods for the Crisis

21 Shelf-Stable Foods for Your Emergency Food Supply | SELF

During these crazy times, food shopping has also rapidly changed. Apart from the mandatory wearing of masks and social distanced lines many foods that have been a staple of our pantries have noticeably become scarce or very pricey. Toilet paper shortages is also something that quite frankly looking at it from a outside perspectives just sounds like a bad comedy sketch yet… it is a current reality.
In lieu of all this, we here at Legacy Strength want to keep the idea and importance of staying healthy and eating right. Emergency foods are great healthy alternatives for a time of crisis that is very affordable and filling. These foods stay fresh for a long time and provide the necessary nutrients for optimal health.
Foods include:
Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Blueberries
Packaged Sealed Meats – Pork, Steak, Chicken
Frozen Spinach
Broccoli – (should be blanched, but I have frozen it raw with no problem)
Sealed Onions

These are all mostly found in the frozen food or packaged food section. It is true that most of these foods are still never going to compare to the pure freshness of buying it raw or straight from the market aisle. Nonetheless, in these critical times, some adjustments and sacrifices must be made. These foods still are wholesome and nutritious food. In essence, they still do their job!
Note: Always be vigilant about the quality and the ingredients of these packaged foods. Be on the look out for artificial preservatives and other “funky” things. Always check the ingredients list and make sure the food you are buying is actually what is shown on the label.

Stay healthy and we hope we eased some of the stresses of grocery shopping in these trying times.

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