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We at Legacy Strength, might talk a lot of lifting weights and being active but eating and fueling your body right is just as important if not even more to overall health and fitness goals. Once again, with this blog we want to remind and further share tips, information, and advice on eating healthy and eating right in the age of COVID. The pandemic is a very stressful time which directly leads to many of us to eat due to stress. Cats and dogs do it, and certainty we do it to!
Here are some simple tips for staying healthy as it pertains to eating:

– Know how much and how many calories you need daily. This is usually explained as a linear and mathematical concept. The estimated daily caloric expenditure. Calorie in and Calorie out. Simple on paper right? This way rarely works well in the real life setting. With that said, it is quite effective to keep a food journal and record all the foods you eat in one day. Review the food journal every day or so and make accountable decisions in what and how much you are eating. Of course, we here are more than willing to give a outside opinion.
– Know how certain foods make you feel. Some foods really make you “feel good” but usually many foods have added salt and sugar which makes it extremely addicting. Eating good food should make you feel good but understand it the “warm fuzzy feelings” from the food is from the quality of the ingredients and its wholesomeness. NOT from salt, sugar, artificial flavorings, etc.
– Know what certain foods do to your body. Educate yourself on general nutrition and on macro nutrients. Carbs, Fats, Proteins.(*This will be covered in a later post)
– Are aware of your cravings and you know how respond to them. Do not just ignore or suppress cravings. It is like suppressing a pressure cooker! Award your cravings after accomplishing a task or goal. Reward yourself in moderation.