I have been training with Joey on and off since 2009, my friend Claudia Balbuena and I were looking around for gyms to attend and get our mommies body back into shape. Claudia and I decided to try one of Joey’s popular classes at Synergy and while joey was going through the moves, we were looking at each other and saying “what have we gotten ourselves into”? but it was not until the next day that I knew it was something I was not going to regret. Joey is consistently attentive-always focused on his clients, correcting everyone’s form and making sure we all took exercises to exhaustion lol. Always looking around and saying “I can see everything”. Joey is very complete in his training, providing enough instruction for us to understand each exercise, what muscle we are using, always so prepared with the workouts written on a piece of paper, and constantly emphasizes the importance of nutrition. In February 2011 I strained my pelvic bone after my last delivery, and was unable to work out, but I remember like yesterday, Joey invited me and a group of people to join his “outdoor classes”, I said “let me give it a try”. When I arrived to the park where he was having his classes, he asked everyone “is there anyone here with a previous/current injury”???–NOT EVERY COACH OUT THERE CARES ABOUT ANYONE’S INJURY—knowing that he cared; I felt very comfortable enough to continue working out with him. I am currently not attending the gym, but I am attending his great outdoor classes at the park. I’d recommend Joey to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable trainer who can make getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey.